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Why We Need Health Insurance…Health Insurance

Why We Need Health Insurance :
Many people wonder why we should have health insurance. There are three main reasons we run out of money. One of the problems is that we get sick. If we become physically ill then it costs us a lot of money to heal. We need health insurance so that we do not fall into danger in bad times.

Health Insurance for parents


We all have parents. And thinking about their future, we have insurance for them. And it is best if we do health insurance for them as well as savings insurance. If they ever get sick, it will help them a lot.


Health Insurance for senior citizens

Every year many people in India end up selling their assets like gold properties or end up breaking their FD. Because they don’t have medical insurance.

In fact, some people even end up borrowing money from friends and relatives, as per research. Only 36 percent of people in India are covered under health insurance. Shockingly, out of total medical expenditure, 64 money is spent out of pocket by the person.

Friends, health care costs in India are rising at a very fast rate. A few days of hospitalization can cost lacks. It just takes one accident to wipe it out. The entire lifetime of saving for one heart attack can break you physically, mentally, as well as financially. Not only this, most people.

Whoever takes insurance ends up making many mistakes that result in a big financial blow honestly speaking. I don’t blame them. The simple reason is, because of complex terms and conditions in the medical insurance document that are alien to a layperson.


So in this Article, we will discuss one of the most important aspects of money management, and that is, medical insurance we will identify.

The most common mistake people make with medical insurance. And how to avoid them is to select the best medical plan for you and your family.

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Takeaway : Buy medical insurance. If you haven’t taken medical insurance for you and your family, then prioritize. This medical plan right away and start searching for a good medical plan.

The second takeaway is for those who are either planning to take a medical plan or even for those who have already taken a medical plan. Because many people end up making many mistakes with medical plans. Which normally nobody talks about. In the end, I will tell you how to get good medical insurance.

Updated: 17 July, 2022 — 3:24 PM

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