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Author marketing can be simple


If you know where to start and you know where you’re going!

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll

I’ve been wanting to make you something special.

Something to give you a launch pad to really step up your marketing as an author, without wasting your time on things that don’t work.

Over the past year or two, I’ve personally consulted over 100 authors.

Authors who wanted help so much they were willing to meet a complete stranger from the internet.

I really just wanted to know how I could help authors like you better.

The reactions I got from some simple advice I shared was quite surprising. In, sometimes only 10-20 minutes, I was getting what felt like a personal standing ovation over Zoom?!

Someone even left me this Google Review??! For just meeting them online?

And many of these authors I interviewed had been in the game a year, two years… even had quite a few books published.

  • How could they have gone on so long without really making any sales?
  • Without building any real following?
  • No growing email list?
  • Only a tiny handful of reviews on each book?

Got me thinking…

What if I took all the things I’d learned about online marketing in general… Plus all the things I’d learned from personally working with many of the successful authors and creatives I knew (some of which have book sales in the millions)…

And packed it into one simple, snackable, and entertaining package?

The one thing I knew I didn’t want to do:

BIG NONO #1: Overload you with an avalanche of a million tiny action-steps, while completely leaving out the bigger picture of what makes marketing work, and why.

The other thing I knew I didn’t want to do:

BIG NONO #2: Not sell you some scammy bunch of garbage about how to instantly sell a bazillion books doing one lesser-known thing that really doesn’t work at all!

It has to be real! (and real simple)

I know from my own experience and the experience of others I’ve worked with that:

Any real progress takes real work.

But I also know that no amount of work will get you there if you’re working on the wrong things, because you don’t know what you’re doing!

I’ve been working on a simple way to help you understand the bigger picture of any marketing.

A bigger picture I knew could easily apply to author marketing.

And, after some real work on my part, I have a confession.

I’ve cracked the code!

It’s something I like to call:

The A.R.T. of Marketing

It’s really just made of 3 main parts.

I’m excited to show you more. Look out for my next emails.


PS – Don’t wanna hear about this anymore? Click here and we’ll take you off of this campaign (but the next email is really good!).


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Updated: 5 July, 2022 — 6:20 AM

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