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How to Create a Plan That Brings Results

[ad_1] What Is Content Planning? Content planning is how you define what content you’re going to publish, when, and where. With an effective content plan (sometimes referred to as a “content calendar” or “editorial calendar”), you can prioritize tasks, organize the creation process, and keep track of your progress.  Creating a content plan is a […]

12 KPIs for SEO to Track & Measure

[ad_1] Key performance indicators (KPIs) for SEO are metrics that help you evaluate the performance of your SEO efforts. Without defining, monitoring, and analyzing the SEO KPIs that matter for your business, there’s no way to know whether your SEO efforts are successful.  Additionally, KPIs for SEO can help set and manage expectations. Using the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

[ad_1] Online reputation management, or ORM, is the process of managing and maintaining the public perception of a brand, business, or person online. ORM can include responding to negative comments, gaining positive reviews, and monitoring brand mentions. In this guide, we’ll cover: What online reputation management is Why it’s important How to manage your brand’s […]

Where It Is & How to Find It

[ad_1] What Is the Google Analytics Tracking ID? The Google Analytics tracking ID is a unique identifier Google Analytics assigns to a property (like a website, blog, or mobile app). Google Analytics uses this ID in its tracking code to identify and collect your property’s user traffic and behavior data. Which are helpful for when […]

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