Demon slayer ranks in Order from lowest to highest

Since the dawn of time, a group known as the Demon Slayer Corps has existed to defend people against demons.

Members of the Demon Slayers Corps can be anyone. They must first pass the Final Selection, an entry test where competitors must make it without assistance for seven days on a mountain covered in demons.

Candidates that successfully complete the Final Selection are inducted into the Demon Slayers Corps and given the lowest rank of ten, Mizunoto.They must complete various missions to climb the ranks and reach the highest.

Demon Slayer Ranks in Order :

Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

Below are the ranks available from lowest to highest:

  • Mizunoto
  • Mizunoe
  • Kanoto
  • Kanoe
  • Tsuchinoto
  • Tsuchinoe
  • Hinoto
  • Hinoe
  • Kinoto
  • Kinoe

10. Mizunoto

The Demon Slayer Corps’ Mizunoto rank is the entry-level position. Demon slayers in the beginning level are given this rank (New organisation members).
To eventually advance through the ranks and obtain the top Demon Slayer Rank: Kinoe, they must perform a number of assignments.

The other ranks in the Demon Slayer Corps are largely unknown. Even the promotion does not happen in a predictable way.

We only know that demon slayers begin at Mizunoto and progress to Kinoe, who eventually meets the requirements to become a Hashira.

1. Kinoe :

The Demon Slayer Corps’ highest rank is regarded as being Kinoe. The Hashira, a rank above it, is still still present.
Only the organization’s head is more elite a combatant than the members of this team.

A Demon Slayer must either slay 50 demons with ease or be a Kinoe in the Twelve Kizuki in order to be qualified to join the Hashira.

The Hashiras are extremely strong and receive any compensation they desire.

KAGAYA UBUYASHIK Demon slayer leader :

Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

A significant supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is Ubuyashiki Kagaya. He is the 97th Demon Slayer Corps leader and the head of the Ubuyashiki Family. He is mostly referred to by his peers and subordinates as Oyakata-sama.

At the age of 4, Kagaya was named the Demon Slayer Corps’ captain. Kagaya and Amane initially interacted when he was 13 and she was 17. He only consented to the marriage on the condition that she cared for him of her own free will, even though she had been deliberately chosen by a priest to be Kagaya’s bride in order to take care of his medical needs.

Abilities of demon Slayer leader :

Foresight : Kagaya (and the other members of the Ubuyashiki family) have a keen sense of intuition that helps them avoid troublesome circumstances and has brought them enormous wealth and fortune. With the help of this instinct, Kagaya made several accurate guesses about various things that were later confirmed to be true and accurate without him having any prior knowledge, as seen when he correctly predicted that Muzan’s only remaining weakness was the sun and that he could not be killed by beheading,[6] that the deaths of Gyutaro and Daki would cause waves that would eventually cause the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki to lose members for the first time.

Soothing Voice: Kagaya has the power to calm people down only by using his tone of voice and rhythmic movements, as he did with Tanjiro Kamado and even the bloodthirsty Hashira. [8] This quality, known as 1/F Fluctuation in modern times, is said to be held by many charismatic persons and to have the power of presence to move large crowds.

Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

Demon Slayer Ranks Character Table :

Sakonji UrokodakiFormer Water Hashira
Jigoro KuwajimaFormer Thunder Hashira
Shinjuro RengokuFormer Flame Hashira
Tengen UzuiSound Hashira
Kanae KochoFlower Hashira
Kyojuro RengokuFlame Hashira
Giyu TomiokaWater Hashira
Mitsuri KanrojiLove Hashira
Obanai IguroSerpent Hashira
Sanemi ShinazugawaWind Hashira
Gyomei HimejimaStone Hashira
Muichiro TokitoMist Hashira
Shinobu KochoInsect Hashira
Zenitsu AgatsumaKanoe
Inosuke HashibiraKanoe
Tanjiro KamadoKanoe
Kanao TsuyuriTsuchinoto

Hashira (Elite demon Slayer Corps):

There is an elite squad inside the Demon Slayer Corps known as the Hashira. The strongest fighters in the organisation make up this squad.

Due to their immense strength, the Hashira are the second-highest ranking member of the Corps after the organization’s boss.

A Demon Slayer must either kill 50 demons with ease or join the Twelve Kizuki as a Kinoe in order to be eligible to join the Hashira.

Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

Tsuguko demon Slayer :

A Tsuguko is a particularly skilled Demon Slayer who has been chosen to succeed one of the Hashira in the event of that Hashira’s retirement or passing. A Demon Slayer has two options for becoming a Tsuguko: apply and be accepted, or be discovered by one of the existing Hashira.

Kakushi :

The Kakushi, a cleanup team within the Corps, is made up of of individuals who are untrained in swordplay. After a significant battle, the Kakushi are in charge of giving injured Demon Slayers first aid and transporting them in for appropriate medical care.

Abilities of Demon slayer:

Physical abilities :

All Demon Slayers, even lower-ranked members, possess enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, and mobility. The Hashira, the physically strongest member of the group, possesses all of the aforementioned skills at superhuman levels.

sensory abilities :

Higher-level Demon Slayers have incredibly keen senses that occasionally even veer toward extrasensory perception. The five senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, and/or taste—that some Demon Slayers possess are significantly amplified by nature. Typically, they either apply this in battle or incorporate it into their breathing patterns.

Sense ofNo.Known Users
Hearing3Zenitsu Agatsuma, Game Himejima, Tengen Uzui*
Smell2Tanjiro Kamado, Sakonji Urokodaki
Touch1Inosuke Hashibira
Sight1Kanao Tsuyuri
Taste1Genya Shinazugawa

Tengen is able to hear with echolocation as well.

Extrasensory Awareness :

Extrasensory perception, sometimes known as the “sixth sense” or “ESP,” is a sensory skill in which one’s senses are able to perceive things that are not typically perceptible. The majority of high-level Demon Slayers, such as the Hashira, possess rudimentary ESP, which they have used to discern the aura, power, and vulnerabilities of demons. Unlocking the Transparent World, however, gives one access to a shared sort of ESP that enables them to understand a person’s anatomy and structure and use that information to their own advantage in a variety of situations.

marks of Demon slayer Corps:

Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

A powerful Demon Slayer’s body may bear the enigmatic, supernatural marking known as the Demon Slayer Mark, which can be unlocked. The Demon Slayer Corps’ most skilled members have a chance to acquire a secret birthmark, scar, or tattoo. It mimics the demon crests found on the majority of demons’ bodies. Demon Slayer Marks are the name given to these markings. Each Demon Slayer Mark, which corresponds to the Breathing Style of the bearer, has an appearance that is a cross between a tattoo, scar, or birthmark.

The exact origin of the Demon Slayer Mark is unclear, although it was first observed during the Sengoku Era, and the first person to have one was none other than Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first person to use the Breathing Style, who, for unexplained reasons, was born with a Demon Slayer Mark. Due to the Mark’s catalytic nature, practically every other swordsman during the Sengoku Era awakened their Demon Slayer Mark.

Due to the several occasions the Demon Slayer Corps came dangerously close to extinction, Demon Slayer Marks vanished for a very long time before they finally resurfaced again on Tanjiro Kamado and the other Hashira that resonated with his mark.

What is Tanjiro’s Rank in Demon slayer Corps :

Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

Along with Inosuke and Zenitsu, Tanjiro has progressed to the rank of Kanoe, which is the fourth rank from the bottom. They passed the final selection test, spent time demon-hunting with Rengoku on the Mugen Train, and were promoted as a result.

Tanjiro didn’t realise he was moving up the ranks; up until Inosuke showed him how to use the Wisteria Flower Engraving method to determine his rank, he thought he was still a Mizunto.

Upon stating the password and flexing their arm, this method shows the rank of a demon slayer.

Does Tanjiro Become an Hashira (Spoiler!) :

Tanjiro had abilities comparable to those of a hashira and had gone through the hashira training, but he never became one.

This is due to the fact that by the time he was powerful enough to transform into a Hashira, the last conflict with Muzan had already started.

Additionally, The Demon Slayer Corps was disbanded when Muzan was defeated because they no longer had a need for them.

How Does a Demon Slayer Rank Up?

By completing several assignments and improving their talents, demon slayers advance in rank.

The demon slayer Kinoe can now look forward to becoming a Hashira, the organization’s second-most elite combatant after the leader, once she reaches the highest level.


Demon Slayer Corps Ranks

SAKONJI UROKODAKI INTRODUCING THE DEMON SLAYER CORPS TO TANJIRO KAMADO IN SABITO AND MAKOMOSakonji Urokodaki, who once served as the Water Hashira, is a retired member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He has trained Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro Kamado, Sabito, and Makomo, making him the primary practitioner of the Water Breathing.