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The Most Visited Websites in the US [2022 Top Websites Edition]


August’s top 100 most visited U.S. websites list showed an upswing in traffic compared to last month. Only 13 of the 100 sites saw traffic downturns, and only 4 of those sites saw decreases above 10%. Of the top 100, 61% showed double or triple digit growth.

As usual, Google, YouTube, and Facebook remained the top three most visited sites. Each showed traffic increases in the low double-digits with Google and Youtube growing 17%, and Facebook 12%.

The majority of sites from last month’s top 10 remained in place, though we witnessed a few notable shifts in August. Yahoo jumped from position 10 to 5 with an impressive 92% increase in month-over-month growth. And though Apple saw no increase in traffic month-to-month, they seem to have regained their balance after a 51% loss in July.

With turbulence in the stock market and ongoing concerns about a recession, we’ve been watching traffic to finance, housing, shopping, and job related sites for signs of an oncoming economic downturn.

On the housing and home maintenance front, both Zillow (9%) and Home Depot (9%) showed positive gains. Shopping based platforms such as Paypal (8%) and Shopify (12%) also remained in the black. And on the banking front, Chase (12%) and Wells Fargo (12%) saw traffic increases in the low double digits.

The only potential sign of economic challenges came in the form of increased traffic to LinkedIn (19%) and Indeed (11%). This traffic could reflect potential job hunters, though these increases could also stem from workers simply searching for better opportunities.

Regardless of the cause, the end of summer brought sharp increases in traffic to work-based platforms such as (35%), (82%) and (74%), all of which were in the negative last month.


Updated: 24 October, 2022 — 2:35 PM

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