Ayesha Curry had a unique way of celebrating her husband Stephen Curry’s MVP win at the NBA finals after the Warriors beat the Celtic

She posted a cheeky tweet that opened the door for fans to make a ton of jokes.

teph’s incredible performance this season has been praised on Twitter over and over again.

He also took home his first Most Valuable Player Award after helping the Warriors win over the Celtics in the finals.

Ayesha, who was overjoyed with Steph and the Warriors’ victory, embraced her husband at the stadium.

However, it was her tweet about Steph’s win that attracted a lot of responses from fans. It also got some wondering if she is pregnant.

For those confused by Ayesha’s tweet and the discussion around it, no, the star is not pregnant in 2022.

Ayesha wrote a saucy tweet: “On the menu tonight: SF Hot Pot with a side of Curry GOAT,” following the NBA finals.

The cheeky tweet got many fans joking leaving others confused about whether Ayesha was really pregnant.

Following what happened after Steph won the NBA finals in 2015 and 2018, fans joked that Ayesha was going to become pregnant again