Brie Larson shares another jaw-dropping bikini photo

Brie Larson has continued to usher in the summer months, with the Academy Award-winning actress looking stunning in yet another swimsuit photo

While Ms. Marvel is currently taking the attention of Marvel diehards, it’s her in-universe inspiration Captain Marvel,

who has the internet’s eyes today. The Captain Marvel star shared one just a week prior with a different swimsuit

With the star constantly training for her Marvel Cinematic Universe role, it’s not a surprise she’s been bruised during the proce

The caption for her latest post being “summer is here but bruises from training are in every season”.

Larson has had a huge upward trajectory since her Oscar winning performance in 2015’s Room

with her signing on to play Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel just months after her win during the 2016 San Diego

Since then, she’s also been in Kong: Skull Island, and directed her first feature film with Unicorn Store.

he success of Captain Marvel was a trailblazing moment for women in comic book adaptations,