For Charlize Theron , action cinema is by no means an unknown terrain.

. Before starring in films like Mad Max: Fury Road , Atomic , The Old Guard or signing for the Fast and Furious saga

she had already been the star of titles like Æon Flux (2005) or Hancock (2008)

But her latest events have not only confirmed her as a great star of action blockbuster

but also as the new icon of the now so profitable and omnipresent superhero cinema.

As the millions of Marvel fans who have already enjoyed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madne

in theaters know well , and will be able to do so on Disney+ starting June 22, the Oscar winner

in 2004 for Monster makes a surprise appearance in the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

It is during the first of the two post-credits scenes of the Sam Raimi film where Theron bursts onto the screen playing Clea

a powerful sorceress  who takes the protagonist to another dimension to fix a multiversal mess. .