Dua Lipa's Loosely-Laced Corset Expertly Showed Off Her Belly Button Ring

Leave it to Dua Lipa to not only find a new way to wear the corset, but to reverse the restrictive garment's function entirely.

Formerly, the corset was made to contain and constrain and a woman's body,

but now it can be worn as tight or as loose as one pleases and still look stylish

Take, for instance, Dua, whose latest look turned the antiquated concept of a corset on its head for a wear-anywhere outfit.

On Monday morning, the pop star shared one of her signature photo dumps on Instagram

and in between pictures of Italian architecture and historical artworks were snapshot

of Dua wearing a loosely-laced strapless bustier that looked almost as comfortable as a T-shirt.

The strings of her corset were tied tight on top, but were slackened on the bottom,

making it a cinch to sip a cup of espresso while sitting down (as demonstrated in slide 8)