Elianis Garrido denied rumors of marriage with her new partner

On April 20, Flavia Dos Santos reportedly revealed Elianis Garrido's new romance after her breakup with singer Anddy Caicedo

Shortly after the identity of the mysterious man was known, the presenter of 'I Know Everything' was rebuked by her set partner, Ariel Osorio.

At that time, the journalist asked him about the engagement ring that was seen in one of the photos

that circulated on the internet and went straight to the point: "Is there a wedding?" However,

Garrido tried by all means to avoid the answer and his colleague insisted so much that he assured there would be two possible dates.

And although she tried to hold on to her answer, the truth is that she ended up giving in to answering that nothing had happened at that time,

but that, if something extraordinary were to happen with her new partner, she would be the first to confirm it to her team. worked.

Well, after the rumors of marriage between Elianis Garrido and Álvaro Navarro, as the Barranquilla's new love is called,

it was she who denied through her Instagram account that she would reach the altar.