.Do not wait for someone else to make the first move, Aries. The burning desire in you is a clear sign that some things are meant to happen. Don’t wait any longer to put out this thirst for adventure. There are important things that need your attention, so stop being lazy. If needed, assemble a team and distribute work in order for the work to be done in time. You can make things happen if you focus enough.

Keep an open mind, as the day is full of possibilities. It is likely to bring surprising opportunities your way if you stop judging people and their actions. It is time to be social and humorous, but do remember to not over do it. Keep a positive and healthy perspective over any situation that comes your way. Words will go a long way today, so make sure to use them with great care.

Make sure you give as much as you take today and vice versa, Gemini. Maintain the balance. Sometimes, when you love someone, you just want to keep giving in order to prove your love. Make sure you are not draining yourself in the process. Self-care if more important now, give your attention to your health. As well as, make sure that people on the receiving end are also giving their fair share in return.

You may be at a point where you just want to stop and rest, Cancer. Go ahead, now is the time to do so. You deserve a break, so use this day and pamper yourself. Although there are more fun coming your way, current reality reality of social distancing, limits these events into conference calls and online parties, so plan accordingly. The more you open up to others, the more respect you will gain.

Don’t let anything bother you, Leo. You’re on the right track, be confident. This day, your strong will and erratic habits will prove to be quite effective, especially when things are hard. It is your call to grab the reins where other people have dropped them. If this puts you in spotlight, then you know how to put a show. You know exactly what to say.

It’s a super day to make decisions, Virgo. You can sit on the safe space for a little too long when it comes to serious choices. Seize the energy that flows from today’s planetary aspects, make a list of things that need to be decided in the areas of work, relationships, and finances, and go down the list one by one. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Better that than missing out entirely, don’t you think?

oday is a great day to put your ideas into action, Libra. The courage you need to forge ahead is available to you with this day’s planetary aspects. All you need to do is utilise it well. If you are facing any kind of dilemma then sit down and take a deep breath, maybe even write down your ideas and sort them by importance. Note the steps you need to take in order to get things rolling and then make your move. Don’t let fear or insecurity hold you back!

A renewed sense of values and integrity may be present for you today, Scorpio. Connecting with this can be extremely uplifting, as it can put everything into perspective for you. With your hardworking tendencies, it can be easy to drift from the things that are most important to you as a person. Make the most of this day by getting in touch with yourself. If you keep a journal, explore your mood on paper.

It might be in your agenda to settle a dispute today, Sagittarius. However, be careful, orelse you might get yourself crushed in the middle of an unnecessary fuss. If this happens, the wisest thing might be to pull out. When you’re in this position (especially with two people you care about), the outcome winds up hurting someone, and it may just be you. Doesn’t matter how much you care about both of them, to get yourself involved in the matter, it is better for you to stay away and let them solve things by their own.

Today is your day, Capricorn, as you are likely to be high on energy. This creates a great opportunity for you to give importance to some much-needed cleaning and organizing. Why not tackle those wardrobes or make your kitchen look more appealing. If you have to work, your desk, workspace, and filing cabinets could use a little attention too. Just think how great it will feel when everything is in order! Make the most of your energy by accomplishing as much as you can.

Along with self-confidence, your words in general contains a great deal of power today, Aquarius. Things around you may be moving very fast, but you have the strength and swiftness to keep up. By teaming up with others, you can seize yourself some great opportunities. Although, you have a limited social contacts because of your slightly introverted side, you can still flaunt your elegant attires by posting videos or pics on social media..

This is a good day to get out of the house and breath fresh air, you are likely to find new perspective on a situation, Pisces. Don’t live in the time that has passed already, keep looking forward. Probably, call a close friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. There may be something in profit for you. In such times of uncertainty, it is better to remember old buddies.