Be they fresh with just a pinch of salt, slathered in cheese and gravy, or served alongside

some fish at your favorite chip shop, French fries are arguably the best side dish to any meal.

The spud gets its chance to shine today, for July 13 marks National French Fry Day.

The origin of the food we know as the ‘French Fry’ remains a mystery.

It’s possible that the fry is Belgium in nature, as the BBC notes the town of Namur may have created the fry when they deep fried

aka ‘French fried’ potatoes instead of fish after the River Meuse froze over in the winter of 1680.

However, the French claim that the fry’s first form was the ‘pomme Pont-Neuf, a deep-fried potato sold by pushcart

Whoever created the fry, there’s one thing we can agree on: they’re deliciou

Just ask President Barack Obama, seen here enjoying a few. And some of the “biggest fries” – aka A-list celebs – can’t get enough of them.

From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna, stars have been caught eating the snack on more than one occasion.