Toronto star Iman Vellani reconnects with her Pakistani, Muslim roots in 'Ms Marvel'

TORONTO - When Toronto's Iman Vellani auditioned for Disney Plus' “Ms. Marvel” two years ago, she was only 17,

and her bedroom was decorated from floor to ceiling in “Avengers” paraphernalia.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel were favourites, but so, too, was Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan

he young Pakistani-American teenager living between two cultures who dreams of being an artist and, like Vellani

Until, of course, she one day sneaks out of the house to attend AvengerCon and discovers she has special powers.

“I fell in love with the comics just because I saw a girl like me,” says Vellani, now 19, of her first ever screen role.

She was a superhero fanatic and she wasn't ashamed of it or her culture.

It helped me reconnect with my own roots. Kamala getting her powers and me getting this part went hand in hand

Marvel only recently took to spotlighting more diverse superheroes, particularly with 2018's “Black Panther”