ennifer Connelly praises Tom Cruise's 'enthusiasm and passion to making movies'

In an EXCLUSIVE tête-à-tête with Pinkvilla, Top Gun: Maverick star Jennifer Connelly spoke candidly 

about her perception of Tom Cruise, who she considers to be "incredibly dependable." Watch her interview below.

When you think of Top Gun, it's not just fighter jets, cool sunglasses, leather jackets and shirtless volleyball scuffles that you think of

There was also the 'too hot to handle' chemistry between Tom Cruise aka Captain Pete "Maveric

Mitchell and Kelly McGillis aka Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood that took our breath away,

Top Gun: Maverick, Maverick finds himself a new love interest in the gorgeous, talented Jennifer Connelly as Penelope "Penny" Benjamin.

Having watched the movie, I can bet that fans are going to go gaga over Tom and Jennifer's palpable chemistry

especially with how intimate Maverick and Penny seem with the latter being the former's voice of reason through and through.

I had the humble opportunity to indulge in a tête-à-tête with Jennifer Connelly, during Top Gun: Maverick's press junke

the 51-year-old actress spoke candidly about how she and Tom Cruise went about building the palpable chemistry