Keke Palmer on Modeling Her Career After Moguls: 'A Dash of Oprah, a Dash of Ron Howard'

"You never want to get stagnant," says Keke Palmer, who makes a splash this summer with roles in Disney/Pixar's Lightyear and Jordan Peele's Nope

After nearly two decades in Hollywood, Keke Palmer has built an impressive

résumé that includes movies, television, music, books and Broadway.

The 28-year-old actress — whose latest project is voicing an aspiring space

anger in the upcoming Toy Story spinoff film Lightyear — tells PEOPLE

she's emulating the careers of several boldface names.

We got a dash of Oprah in there. We got a dash of Queen Latifah

We got a dash of Ron Howard. We got a dash of Jordan Peele. I'm trying to just hodgepodge it all

A little Dick Clark too. Maybe a little Desi Arnaz," she says. "Tyler Perry for sure. A little Walt Disney as well."