Lyliana Wray has been waiting for this moment for year

s. Her first-ever red carpet premiere finally happened on Wednesday, May 4,

for the highly anticipated release of Top Gun: Maverick, a sequel to the beloved 1986 film starring Tom Cruise

The movie had been in the works for over a decade — filmed in 2018,

and originally set to release in 2019 (then delayed to 2020, but we know how that turned out).

Come 2022, Top Gun’s long-awaited arrival is officially here.

“Seeing everything come together, and getting to see the cast, was so exciting after waiting three-and-a-half years,”

Wray tells NYLON. “It felt really rewarding to be a part of something so incredible and so beloved by everybody.

I was just shocked every step of the way. It was a really amazing night.”

Wray was 13 years old when she filmed Top Gun for the role of Amelia Benjamin