The actress filmed an intense scene where she didn't hold back against one of the co-stars, whose character makes an unwanted advance on Barbie.

Margot Robbie was ready to fight as Barbie on the set of the new movie about the titular doll. The 31-year-old actress filmed a scene where another actor

slaps her butt in the new Barbie movie, and her take on the iconic toy doesn’t mess around! Margot gave the actor an intense slap after he reached out for her rear end in the scene.

The scene features the actor running up behind Barbie and smacking her backside on the beach. He was dressed in preppy clothes, including a blue button-down, chino shorts, and a backward cap.

When Margot slapped him, the hat went flying. Luckily, it was clearly a scripted moment, and Margot was seen planning out the slap

Margot was dressed in a colorful pink outfit, with a rainbow tie-dyed design, which matched her co-star Ryan Gosling’s outfit.

The pair roller-bladed with neon yellow skates along the beach, making them the perfect casting to play Barbie and Ken.

The scene is definitely exciting for the live-action Barbie film. Margot has rocked plenty of the doll’s iconic looks in the photos released from the movie so far

Not only has she rocked Barbie’s amazing outfits, but the movie will also feature appearances from plenty of familiar sights to anyone who grew up with the doll