Max Verstappen will appear "a little more" in the next series of the controversial yet popular official Formula 1 documentary Drive to Surviv

The reigning world champion withdrew from featuring prominently in the latest series because he sees the way it is produced is "fake".

"There were some things I wasn't happy about," the 24-year-old is quoted by Dutch media

Yes, it has worked wonders for the popularity of the sport in America, but drivers are not portrayed as they are.

"These new fans then think 'This guy is a jerk' when in reality it's not like that at all."

When asked to elaborate, the Red Bull driver continued: "I'm not going to be too negative about it because I've already talked to the people in charge.

"I think in the meantime we have come to a good agreement for the future," the 24-year-old revealed.

We talked to each other and we have understood how to work together. "So in the next season you will see a little more of me," said Verstappen.

"You have a bit more of a say in how you are going to be portrayed, instead of giving an interview and not being sure what is going to be done with it and the way they put it into the show.

"That's all I'm asking for, that it's more realistic, at least from my side. I cannot control what they do with other drivers. But I want to be in control with what I'm releasing."