Monica Barbaro On The Intense Flight Training Program For Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun’s first female fighter pilot opens up about how she prepared to take on the intense flight training program instigated by Tom Cruise

f you grew up during the ‘90s where free-to-air television played only a handful of blockbuster movies on Saturday night

it’s likely that you watched Top Gun and became enraptured not only with

the shirtless men playing beach volleyball like their lives depended on it, but also the soundtrack. 

These days, it’s impossible to hear the chords of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away and not think of that scene. 

Though the sequel was a longtime coming, what with numerous delays as a result of the pandemic,

, since landing in movie theatres around the world, it seems to only have confirmed our love of the first film 

nostalgia to see its characters return to the screen. Top Gun: Maverick has opened to 

widespread success around the globe, breaking records with a staggering $160.5 million four-day