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Born in Córdoba, he was responsible for taking the quartet to the entire country. But at the age of 27

at the time of his greatest popularity, he suffered a car accident that cut short his career, although his music is still valid.

In just 27 years of life and a handful at the peak of popularity, Rodrigo Bueno managed to take the Cordovan quartet to all corner

of the country and became an icon of Argentine music and popular culture. This Friday, June 23, marks the 22nd anniversary of his death.

Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno, "El Potro", was born on May 24, 1973 in the city of Córdoba, as the eldest son of the marriage between Eduardo Alberto Bueno

a music producer, and Beatriz Olave, a composer and worker in a publishing company. Years later Flavio and Ulises would arrive, who followed in their footsteps on stage.

When he was just two years old, Rodrigo made his first public appearance on the "Fiesta de cuarteto" program, along with a family friend

a certain Juan Carlos "La Mona" Jiménez. At 5, he recorded an album of children's songs, titled "Disco Baby

. Later he began to collaborate with the Chébere band. Already at 12 he had dropped out of school to try out for the Manto Negro band. All at high speed.

n 1987 he released his first album, called "La foto de tu cuerpo", although it was a foray into rock.

Then he released «Learning to live», his next studio work that was presented live at the emblematic Fantástico Bailable nightclub.

With the release of said album she traveled to the city of Buenos Aires to consolidate her artistic career.