She-Hulk Trailer: Tatiana Maslany's Journey From Lawyer To Superhero. Bonus - Mark Ruffalo

Marvel has released the first trailer for the upcoming She-Hulk series which stars Tatiana Maslany in the lead role

The series, which stars Tatiana Maslany in the titular role alongside Mark Ruffalo, will begin streaming from August 17 onward

Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his role as Bruce Banner in the series that seemingly tracks lawyer Jennifer Walters' journey from an attorney to a superhero

In the trailer, Jennifer is seen being encouraged and supported by Bruce Banner to transform into She-Hulk and take on the mantle of a superhero

The 1 minute 47 seconds trailer begins with Bruce Banner rather ominously declaring (only voice-over), “Being a superhero is a trial by fire.”

This is followed by him asking, “Who is going to protect the world if not people like you?”  Enter She-Hulk or rather a glimpse of her.

We then meet lawyer Jennifer Walters, who has been recently appointed as the face of her firm's new superhero law division.

But before she takes on the daunting role, she must go through a transformation to become a superhero and helping her in the process is MCU's first Hulk, Bruce Banner.

Her transformation, of which we see extended glimpses, adds to Jennifer's already arduous life