This afternoon at the age of 74, Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes, mother of singer Paulina Rubio, die

The Mexican film and television industry is in this way of mourning, since the actress from Jalisco, known for countless works on the small screen, died this Saturday at 2 p.m. Miami time, 11 a.m.

Miami time, 11 a.m. Los Angeles time. She was 74 years old and the news of her death was confirmed by her son Enrique Rubio.

Susana Dosamantes had been treated on an outpatient basis under chemo treatment at the Mount Sinai

Medical Center specialized hospital in Miami , Florida since April due to the pancreatic cancer she suffered from

Just a few months ago he could be seen on the small screen of Univisión with his daughter in a program to promote

he "Perrísimas" tour that starred his daughter Paulina Rubio alongside Alejandra Guzmán

but since then many of his followers have been waiting for the health of the famous actress,

who was facing the biggest challenge of her life with the support of her children and family.

At that time, Enrique Rubio Dosamantes, son of an actress, shared a message through a statement in which he expressed how united they were in those difficult times.