Mc Terrier

Season 7 kicked off with fun performances and a couple mishaps, including McTerrier, who was a delight on stage, literally losing his head.

Ultimately the show screwed the pooch, eliminating the charming entertainer revealed to be Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman.


Ram, bam, thank you, ma'am. After a drama-filled duel against Firefly,

not-so-sheepish singer was eliminated in episode 2 and revealed to be Emmy-winning sportscaster Joe Buck.


The one-eyed monster never saw it coming. After a dramatic three-way showdown, Cyclops was the first out in a double elimination episode.

The green giant was unmasked as Lost fan-favorite and Hawaii Five-O star Jorge Garcia, who told EW the one bummer about the show was finding out later his friend

Thingamano! Second to go in the double elimination was cuddly crooner Thingamabob, who was unmasked to reveal offensive tackle


for the Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Mailata. After singing so sweetly he made Ken Jeong cry, we can't wait for Mailata to hit the recording studio.


When a brand new batch of singers was introduced in week 4, the purple primate just couldn't swing to the top of the pack.

The sparkly songstress unmasked to reveal supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley, but the most shocking reveal of the night was that famously