Now, this was a tantalizing tease if ever there was one. It's no secret that Ben returned in corporeal form as a member of the Sparrow Academy,

 not entirely different. Having never met Ben back in 1963, he still chose the boy to join his team of super-powered children when recruiting for the Sparrow Academy on October 1, 1989

but this Ben was different. Cocky and a bit overconfident, he was the driving force behind the Sparrow Academy until he finally learned to loosen up at Luther and Sloane's wedding.

He eventually joins the gang in helping to save reality, going through the portal in the White Buffalo Suite to help reset the universe.

 But when all's done, an obviously very different Ben appears in the season's post-credit scene.The scene itself is a simple one: Ben is depicted aboard a subway train in Korea,

mirroring the season's opening scene, which depicts his mother moments before immaculately giving birth to her son. Now, the season has come full circle

 Is Ben looking for his mother? It certainly looks that way ... but which Ben is it? He doesn't seem quite as angry as the Sparrow Ben we spent time with this season.

So does that mean the original Ben is back? Does he exist alongside the new Ben?so Many. Questions. Let's hope "The Umbrella Academy" season 4 will eventually answer them!

Will Allison go full supervillain in the next season?she ended up killing harlan herself. Her reasoning was that he was dangerous.

Of course, it wouldn't be "The Umbrella Academy" without an impending apocalypse, and this time it's the Kugelblitz that's about to wipe out humanity