Chrissy Teigen isn't afraid to be in the spotlight — so, would she want to appear on a reality show at any point in time?

"I grew up on court shows. Honestly, my mom was always the one who had every court show on all the time a

I just remember thinking that they were, like, so mean and so scary," she told Entertainment Tonight. "A lot of people think that I,

like, love conflict or I'd be so good on, like, Real Housewives or something... I'm always like, 'No, no.'"

Instead, the model, 36, enjoys "meditation" and stays away from "big, brutal conflict and attacks."

Teigen's show Chrissy's Court is much more tame, which is just how she likes it. "We have a very orderly court room," she said.

"It's like everyday gripes that you would have, like, with your roommate or, like, a little bit of disorderly conduct and things.

Though she's friends with a slew of A-listers, she doesn't want "big celebrities" to show up, as they "scare the crap out of me," she admitted.

"That’s why I used to drink a lot for award shows and stuff," Teigen, who recently quite drinking, noted.

like, a little scared for, like, a big sober award season 'cause I'm, like, 'Oh my gosh,' like facing everybody, like, head-on